Is Bawaal Hit or Flop, Box Office Final Verdict (2023)

Bawaal is a new film in which Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor are in the main lead role. The film has performed decent but the makers have expected a much better response. This Nitesh Tiwari movie had created a lot of hype about its release in more than 200 countries and it was an OTT film that was only available for online streaming.

The creators streamed the Bawaal on Prime Video which is the biggest OTT platform at this time. Also, the makers failed in doing some extraordinary promotion of the film which caused low performance and many viewers didn’t even know the film is coming.

What was the Bawaal movie about?

The movie was decent and focused on the story of the masterji who marries a beautiful girl to get fame in society but she had an issue of who has the problem of epileptic which is a disorder. Ajay Dixit was not happy with this and their relationship was ruined in the first part of the film because of this.

But, in the second half, her wife tries to sort everything and Ajay also admits his mistake, they sort out conflicts in their personal life but still the couple faces many problems. The creators have shown a glimpse of World War 2 and the masterji goes on a tour where he teaches about the war to his students via online class.

Is Bawaal Hit or Flop?

On Prime Video, Bawaal has crossed 7 million views worldwide which is average, on comparing it with the budget of 110 Crores. It has still performed well and it can be considered as a Hit movie.

After the release of the trailer, the hype for the show has increased so much because it was announced that, it will be released simultaneously in 200 countries. The story was speculated as extraordinary and posted has also created some big anticipation among viewers. Also, the critics shared their positive feedback which gave it an initial boost and the audience gave it a chance.

What is Bawaal Box Office Verdict?

The new movie by Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor is doing well and has got the audience’s attention but it could do even better if the makers have done more promotion. Bawaal is an OTT film that is not released in the theatres which means that there is no box office earning reports of the movie.

For OTT films, only views can decide whether a film is a hit or a flop, so in this list, Bawaal is a Hit movie seeing its total views till now. But, it performed a little slower in the starting days but later, it did a good job.

Who are the Cast in Bawaal?

Who are the Cast in Bawaal?

The movie features Varun Dhawan as the main lead role who plays the character Ajay Dixit. He uses his acting skills to make Ajay feel real in the story. Another main actor is Janhvi Kapoor who plays the role of Nisha Dixit. They both are the main character and there are many conflicts between them in the film.

Also, other supporting actors are Manoj Pahwa who plays the role of Ajju’s Father. Anjuman Saxena plays the role of Ajay’s Mother. Mukesh Tiwari plays an MLA Prateek Pachauri has played the character of Bipin. You can check the complete cast name of the film below.

  • Varun Dhawan as Ajay Dixit
  • Janhvi Kapoor as Nisha Dixit
  • Manoj Pahwa as Ajju’s Father
  • Anjuman Saxena as Ajay’s Mother
  • Mukesh Tiwari as MLA
  • Prateek Pachauri as Bipin
  • Shashie Vermaa as School Principal
  • Gunjan Joshi as Pandey
  • Vyas Hemang as Kalpesh
  • Aariz Saiyed as Alpesh
  • Antonie as Man on Omaha Beach
  • Simran Awasthi as Female Teacher #1
  • Victor Batki as Opera Band Member #1


Overall, Bawaal has performed well and its final verdict is considered a Hit movie. The story is unique and storytelling is also impressive. It directly came on OTT as makers were not sure if it would do well at the cinema or not.


Bawaal is Hit or Flop?

Bawaal is a Hit movie which has got over 70 views on OTT platform which is enough for 110 Crores budget film to be a hit.

What is Bawaal Box Office Collection Day 1?

The movie was a OTT based which means, it was only released digitally, so the box office earning for Bawaal is not available.

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