The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Release Date and Time: What to Expect?

Hotstar has posted a glimpse of The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 and it is finally coming. The makers have recently cleared all the doubts if this series is coming or not. So finally, after a long time, this animation show is back again which is a very famous series of Hostar. The series has got the highest rating of 9.1 out of 10 which is just insane.

The teaser has given hints of what you will get to see in the upcoming part of the legend of Hanuman and the trailer will also come in the next few days. So, when will you get to see the complete series on Disney + Hotstar? We will discuss everything about this popular series in this post.

What to Expect from The Legend of Hanuman Season 3?

In the upcoming part, you can expect a more exciting story about Lord Hanuman’s journey. The makers will focus on the strong friendship between Lord Rama and Hanuman as they will together protect Ayodhya. Also, you will see some new characters and it will make the story more interesting.

What to Expect from The Legend of Hanuman Season 3?

The most exciting part will be the big battle between Lord Rama and the powerful Ravana. You will see VFX, magical creatures in that, also it will teach some lessons about being brave, loyal, and doing what is right. The story will be completely on Indian mythology as we saw in the previous part and it will be mixed with animations for a great watching experience.

What is The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Release Date?

The teaser is now posted on Hotstar’s official page and the trailer will also come in the next few days. Talking about part 3, then it will come in the last week of August 2023 according to the latest leaks of Awbi.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Release Date

The trailer might come in the mid of August and if that happens then you will surely get to see the upcoming episodes at the end of August. Currently, the viewers are so excited for it and that is why makers also want to stream it as soon as possible, so that it would get more audience retention.

Who will be the Voice Actors?

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 will have some top voice actors who will give their voices to the characters. Da Man will give the voice to the main character Hanuman. There are other actors too like Sanket Mhatre who gives the voice to Lord Ram’s character and Shakti Singh gives his voice to Jambhvan’s character.

Also, Sharad Kelkar is great and will give his voice to different characters. Other important voice actors like Richard Joel, Pushkar Vijay, and Maaz Ali will be there too in this emotional story.

  • Rich Ting as Narrator
  • Da Man as Hanuman
  • Shakti Singh as Jambhvan
  • Sharad Kelkar as Narrator
  • Sanket Mhatre as Ram
  • Krishna Kumar as Nal
  • Amit Deondi as Nil
  • Pushkar Vijay as Angad
  • Richard Joel as Lakshman
  • Maaz Ali as Sugreev
  • Vikrant Chaturvedi as Sugreev
  • Rohan Verma as Nal
  • Rajeev Raj as Captain
  • Gireesh Sahdev as Vibheeshan
  • Ganesh as Indrajit
  • Ajitesh Gupta as Akshay
  • Aditya Sharma as Hariya
  • Rohan Verma as Nal
  • Manish Bhavan as Councillor 1
  • Anamaya Verma as Vanara Counsellor No 3
  • Eliyas Qureshi as King Suketu
  • Surbhi Pandey as Sita
  • Shailendra Pandey as Vayu

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So, the favourite show is now coming back and viewers who were waiting for the next part, now will be even more excited. It is finally coming and it will continue from the story where the last part was stopped. The trailer is about to come which will increase the excitement even more.

We will update any official updates on this series here, so you should keep coming back here to check all the latest leaks about the legend of Hanuman new season and other series too.


Is the Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Out?

No, currently it is not out but it will come in the last week of August.

What Is the Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Streaming Date?

The exact date is not revealed at this time but

When the Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Trailer Come?

The trailer of the series is expected to come in the mid of August 2023.

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