The Nun 2 Movie Review (2023): How is the Hindi Dubbed Version

The Nun 2 is finally released in the theatres and the wait is over now. This was the most awaited Hollywood film for which viewers have been waiting for a long time. The first part was released in 2018 and after 5 years of a long break, part II was released on 8 September 2023.

This is the most loved horror thriller film which has got an initial review of 6 out of 10 on IMDb and the previous part has got a similar response from the audience. The new director Michael Chaves has directed the complete movie and gave it a more mysterious vibe. The storylines are impressive and critics have also given good ratings to it. It is dubbed in India in Hindi version and did the collection 55 lakhs from it, the English version earned more with 1.3 crores on Day 1 at the box office.

How is The Nun 2 Movie Review?

Everyone was excited about it before its release because of its successful previous part. According to IMDb, more than 30,000 viewers waiting for its release and over 7k people have added it to their watchlist on Bookmyshow.

The story is the weak point of this movie and it is a casual and predictable plot, nothing like too much horror. But, it is full of thrillers and mysterious scenes. The viewers were expecting some exceptional horror scenes which was expected who have already watched ‘The Nun’ but it was not like that.

Also, the director Michael Chaves has done a great job in showing some exciting scenes and overall, it was worth to enjoy those thrilling scenes. The actors did their best in this sequel like Taissa Farmiga who played the role of Irene and she was the main highlight of the story. Also, other actors performed their roles very gently and won hearts.

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The story of the film is about a father who is killed by some demons. Now, how his family members try to find the reason for his death. This is a horror show but it is still predictable. So, without sharing spoilers here, you should enjoy it to know the complete story.

Main Actors in The Nun 2

  • Taissa Farmiga – Irene
  • Jonas Bloquet – Maurice
  • Storm Reid – Debra
  • Anna Popplewell – Kate
  • Bonnie Aarons – The demon Nun
  • Katelyn Rose Downey – Sophie
  • Suzanne Bertish – Madame Laurent
  • David Horovitch – Cardinal Conroy
  • Andrew Morgado – The demonic voice

Is The Nun 2 Worth to Watch?

The movie is the new part of the 2018 The Nun which got a really good response when it was released. So, if you have watched the old part of the series, then you would want to enjoy this too. According to popular critics, it is good to watch and counter the part for which the audience has waited for so long but the main thing that it lacks is its storylines.

Many people are disappointed with the story but some have loved it, but it is still worth watching and you can give it a try if you want to enjoy a thriller film right now.

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Final Words

This was our final review of The Nun 2 movie, so if you want to enjoy an average horror show, then this can be a good option at this time as we said it is not the scariest that the audience was expecting, so you should remember that before moving to the theatres.

Also, it is currently streaming in theatres and you can enjoy it there. After 45 to 60 days, there will be a digital premiere available for it, and then you will be able to enjoy it on an OTT platform but as of now, it is only available in cinemas.


Is The Nun 2 can be watched with Family?

Yes, you can watch this horror movie with your family members and friends.

What is The Nun 2 IMDb Rating?

The movie has got an overall rating of 6 stars out of 10 which is a good number for any show.

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